Medical Log Items

Customize the items that an admin user can select when recording  "Assessment," "Complaint," "Disposition," "Staff attending," and "Treatment" on a new Medical Log entry.

To see an example, jump to the bottom of the page.

To manage Medical Log Items, access the Medical Dashboard by clicking the Medical link in the navigation bar.

Medical Dashboard

Select "Medical Log Lists" from the Medical Management Section.

Editing Log Items

Double click the list icon to expand a list of log items.

Add Items

Type a new item into the input field and then click Add medical log item.

Items will appear in alphabetical order and cannot be rearranged manually.

Remove Items

Remove items by either deleting or deactivating them.

Delete Items

Double click the delete button on the far right to permanently delete a log item.

Note: A log item cannot be deleted if it's been selected on a camper or staff person's medical log already.

  • To remove an item that cannot be deleted, deactivate it instead.

Deactivate Items

Double click the Yes value under the "Active" column for the item, change it to No, and click OK to save.

To reactivate the item later, change the setting back to Yes.

Log Entry Example

Each of your active medical log items will display as a button that can be selected to fill out certain sections of a log entry. Click multiple buttons to select multiple items as needed, and tap a selected item to deselect it.

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