Managing calls on the camper's profile page

Campers' scheduled phone calls can be viewed on their Camper Profile page in the Yearly (Enrolled) tab > Session sub-tabs.

Managing Call Credits

To manage call credits for an individual camper, click "+Add call credits..."

  1. Select the number of Additional Primary call credits
  2. Select the number of Additional Divorced call credits
  3. Click "Add call credits"

Scheduling a Phone Call

To schedule a phone call, select "Book this call..." Be sure to note the difference between Primary and Divorced call credits. (Also,  make sure you have added new call slots for the day you choose from the Phone Call Scheduling Dashboard.  Please refer to the "Creating phone call slots" step)

  1. Select a date for the phone call
  2. Select a time slot for the phone call. Please note that blacked out times for bunks /divisions will not should if a camper meets blacked out criteria.
  3. Select the phone number the Camper should call
  4. Click "Schedule call"

The phone call has been scheduled.

  1. Double-click the red minus sign next to a scheduled phone call to unschedule the call
  2. Double-click the red minus sign to delete a call credit. Please note that a call credit cannot be deleted until a call is unscheduled.
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