Log Archives

Use the Log Archives tool to generate Medical Log entries in mass.

To access an individual camper or staff's medical logs, navigate to the Medical Logs tab of their profile.

To manage Log Archives, access the Medical Dashboard by clicking the Medical link in the navigation bar.

Medical Dashboard

Select "Log Archives" from the Health Center Visit Logs Section.


  • Add a date range to filter logs that were created within a specific timeframe. Leave blank to generate all logs.
  • For camps with our Staff module, select whether to include camper and/or staff logs in the results.

Report Results

The results will list the overall details for each log.

  1. To view an individual log, click the log icon on the far left.
  2. If a log has an attachment, click the attachment file name to open the file.

By default, the results are sorted by Type (Campers first, then Staff) and then by date Created, but you can click a column header to sort by different data instead.

Download logs in mass

To download a copy of all the logs in the results, double click to export the results as a .CSV file.

The spreadsheet will contain each log on a separate row with all the details in separate columns, as pictured above.

Printing the report results

Double click the printer icon to print the report results.

Note: This will only print the data you see in the report results - not the actual log contents.

If you need to download/print the full logs, export the report as a .CSV and then print the spreadsheet.

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