The Cycle Grid - Campers

The Cycle Grid - Campers is where you will manage the Available Activities within a Cycle and assign Campers to those Available Activities


To open the Cycle Grid, click "View cycle grid..."


From the Cycle Grid - Campers you are able to:

  1. Choose which Date within the Cycle you are viewing
  2. Go to the Staff Grid
  3. Add Available Activities to each Day and Period
  4. Copy Available Activities from from this Cycle Grid to other Days
  5. Select which Divisions are visible on the Cycle Grid
  6. View all Campers within the selected Divisions and their Activity Assignment for each Period within a Day
  7. View all Available Activities within each Period

Cycle Grid Quick View


To quickly access a Cycle Grid from the Program Landing Page, you can click on the Cycle you would like to view. You will then be taken to the first day within the chosen Cycle.

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