Program Blackout Calendar

The Program Blackout Calendar allows you to "blackout" Program Locations in camp on certain days and times so that no Activities may be made available to Bunks.

Opening the Program Blackout Calendar


To access Program Blackout Calendar, click Program in the the header bar.


Click Program Blackout Calendar under the Program Management section.

Adding a Blackout


To add a new Blackout click " +Add blackout... "


A pop-up window will appear which allows you to add the new Program Blackout.

  1. Choose what Program Location you would like to "Blackout" for the current date.
  2. Indicate the Start time of the Blackout
  3. Indicate an End time of the Blackout
  4. Write any Notes to indicate why you are adding the Blackout
  5. Click "Add new blackout"


Program Blackouts will appear in order of Start time.


Days in which you have a blackout present will appear in red in the calendar.

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