Release Notes - June 5th, 2023

Today’s release features the following updates and improvements:

  • For camps with our Staff module, we added a new snapshot on the Staff department board of the number of staff hired.
    See a breakdown of total hired staff; total hired by gender; and total hired without a title assigned yet.
  • In the Donors module, donors can now include a note with their general donation. 
    Donations added via the Donor dashboard and/or by admins via the Donor profile page now include an input for "Notes" on the donation. Admins can also edit notes on existing donations if needed.

  • We also fixed the following bugs:
    • Some admin users using the responsive admin layout were unable to edit the 'Form review' status for camper forms and also permanent custom fields for campers.
    • When using the Enrollment Requests queue in the responsive admin layout, the 'Incomplete' and 'Waitlist' tab didn't display all requests (like they do in the legacy admin layout).
    • The advanced report fields for campers' "First Enrollment Request date" and families' "Date of last payment" were using UTC time instead of each camp's designated timezone.
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