How does a donation get applied to a family's balance?

There are two types of donations - a general donation and an extended payment.

Extended payments get assigned to a specific family's account to reduce their balance. Once the payment has been made, it appears under a separate "Donor payments" section on the Transactions tab of the family's profile and calculated towards the total payments amount that calculates their balance.

Extended payments must be initiated by an admin through a payment request. To create a payment request for a donor, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Donor's profile page
  2. Select the appropriate year tab
  3. Select the Payment requests tab
  4. Click to Add a payment request
  5. Specify the family, payment amount and payment schedule for the extended payment

The donor can fulfill their payment requests via their account for the Donor Dashboard.

  • To learn more about creating an extended payment, click here.
  • To learn how Donors make an extended payment on their dashboard, click here.


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