Release Notes - March 8th, 2023

Today’s release features the following:


  • The Enrollment Requests page of the responsive admin layout now includes filters for your new, approved, waitlisted, and rejected requests.

  • You can now filter your Waitlisted enrollment requests queue by each camper's grade, age, gender, enrollment option, and session if you're using the responsive admin layout. To enable the mobile responsive layout, click the link of your name in the top left of the screen, scroll down to Beta programs, select "All devices", and then save changes. The responsive layout will apply as soon as you visit another page.

  • You can now report on form review data in camper, staff, group, and guest advanced reports. Click to add a field/filter, then select the Forms tab - you'll see a new sub-tab for the review data for each form.

  • For camps with our Staff module, we made 2 new updates:
    • Staff can now upload a profile photo via the "My Account" page of the responsive Staff Dashboard, in addition to the "Photo Upload" step of the staff application (if you have that page enabled). With that, if you wish to disable the Photo Upload step of the application, staff now have another way to upload a photo.
    • Admins can now report on Total Salary, Total Taxable Salary, Total Charges, Adjusted Salary, and Adjusted Taxable Salary in Staff advanced reports, as well as the new custom "salary amount" fields.

  • For camps with access to our API (and the Staff module), we've added endpoints to get/post/put staff salary custom values.

Bug fixes:

  • For camps with our Events module, we fixed the false error message that appeared when adding a credit card to a guest's profile page.

  • We also added the new camper cellphone field to the "Add new camper" page of the Responsive Parent Dashboard to allow parents to input this information when manually adding another camper to their family.

  • We fixed the HTML code that appeared when changing a family's invoice preferences via  the Financial > Invoices tab of their profile page.
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