Release Notes - January 26th, 2023

Today’s release the following updates and improvements. Click the embedded links for more details/screenshots.

  • Camper custom color is now available as a field/filter in Advanced Reports.
    Find the field under the 'Enrollment' tab, within 'General enrollment info'. The mass editing function is also available changing custom colors in mass. Please note:  in reports, no custom color is considered white, a.k.a. hex code #ffffff.  Click here to learn more.
  • We updated how admin users manually reset the dashboard password for a parent, staff, guest, or donor.
    When using the 'Reset dashboard password' tool in the profile page action menu, admins can now also choose to email a link to the password reset tool, allowing the individual to choose their own password. Admins can also still set the individual's password for them, but the password can no longer be sent via email, for security purposes.
  • For camps with our Staff module, schools, employers, and references can now be made required on your application.
    Choose whether 1, 2, or 3 items are required. If an item is required, ALL fields for it must be filled in. Find this new setting under Admin > Staff > Application: Settings.
  • The new form review feature we added to camper forms last November is now available for family, staff, group, and guest forms, too.
    Keep an eye out - we'll be adding form review status data to advanced reports soon, too.
  • You can now click each session name in your Enrollment Analytics report to view the campers currently enrolled in it. 
    An advanced report for that session will open in a new tab, automatically loading all campers currently enrolled in it.
  • Custom fields can now be rearranged to control the order they appear in on profile pages.
    Navigate to the Custom Fields tab under Admin and use the new rearrange function to drag & drop them into your preferred order.

Reporting on Camper Custom Color

Add a Field

Find the "Custom color" field within the Enrollment tab, under General Enrollment Info.

  1. The custom color field of the report results will be filled in with the camper's custom color.
  2. Each cell will also contain the color hex code, in an inverse color for best visibility.

Add a Filter

Filter by campers who have a specific custom color/s (or, do not have a specific custom color/s).

Click the color icon to open the color picker and select a color, or enter a color hex code.

Filtering Campers with a Custom Color

NOTE: In reports, a "blank" custom color is white. To report on campers with no custom color, filter for custom color "is exactly" white (or #ffffff).

Mass Edit

Once editing is enabled, the custom color values in the report will convert to color pickers.  Click each color picker to edit colors individually, or set all rows the same value.

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