Sibling discounts in CampSite

Sibling discount basics

CampSite's automatic enrollment discount system provides your camp with the flexibility to apply discounts in a way that best suits your camp's needs. One of the most popular types of discounts for camps is a sibling discount. This article will help you understand how to construct a sibling discount that works best for your camp.

There are two different criteria that you can set up to determine if a camper is eligible for a sibling discount:

  • Number of siblings enrolled
  • Number of siblings with enrollment requests

Which criteria should I use?

If your camp is using 'Automatic' enrollment mode (campers are automatically enrolled as soon as they submit their request), either criteria will work. If your camp uses CampSite's waitlist functionality, consider that not all campers may be enrolled on submitting their request if there is no room in their desired session, so the discount criteria "Number of siblings enrolled" may not always apply to subsequent campers in the family.

If your camp is using 'Manual' enrollment mode (enrollment requests must be approved by an administrator before the camper is actually enrolled in the session), the "Number of siblings with enrollment requests" criteria is likely a better fit. Because the first camper in the family may not be enrolled by the time the second camper's request is submitted, the second camper would not be eligible for the "Number of siblings enrolled" discount at the time of checkout. Using "Number of siblings with enrollment requests" in this case ensures that the intended discount is applied to the family, regardless of whether  the first camper has actually been enrolled yet.




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