Release Notes - May 3rd, 2017

Our latest release includes a number of new features and improvements:

  • The family merge tool has been updated to support merging campers within the same family. Please review the instructions in the merge tool for details on how to complete this type of merge.
  • You can now deliver to a single division or bunk at a time using theScheduled medication delivery log.
  • TheTransportation exceptions report now allows you to group results by division or bunk.
  • The 'Task creator' is now displayed in all task views, including profile pages and the tasks calendar.
  • CampSite will now generate an e-mail notification to administrative users whose e-mail message has been 'dropped' to one or more recipients in an e-mail they've composed and sent. This notification will provide details describing the reason for the drop, and provide a suggested resolution to ensure delivery to the recipient in the future.
  • The 'Auto pay results' report has been updated with several new statuses, to more accurately reflect the status of an auto pay charge attempt for a given family.
  • The Advanced Reports 'edit' tool has been updated to limit editing to 1000 rows or less at one time. The CampSitesupport teamcan help provide ideas for grouping results for situations that require more rows to be edited than this limit allows.
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