Medication Delivery Statuses

Customize the different delivery statuses an admin user can select when recording a medication delivery for a camper or staff member.

  • Parents do not see medication delivery statuses. This function is for admin users only, when logging deliveries. To see an example, click here.

To manage Medical Delivery Statuses, access the Medical Dashboard by clicking the Medical link in the navigation bar.

Medical Dashboard

Select "Medical Delivery Statuses" from the Medical Management Section.

Editing Delivery Statuses

Add Statuses

By default, your database comes included with the statuses of "Delivered" and "Missed", but you can add additional custom statuses as needed.

Click "+ Add new medication delivery status..."

Type the new delivery status and submit.

Edit Statuses

Double click directly on a status to edit it. In the text field that opens, re-type the status as needed, then click OK to save.

Note: You cannot edit the "Delivered" or "Missed" statuses that come included with your database.

Remove Statuses

Double click the delete icon to delete a status permanently.

Note: A status cannot be deleted if was already selected for any medication deliveries. If you remove the status from all deliveries it's associated with (across all years), you'll then be able to delete the delivery status.

Recording Medication Delivery Status

When recording a medication delivery (either through the Scheduled Medication Delivery Logging tool, or via the camper or staff profile), all of your medication delivery statuses will appear in a dropdown menu when selecting the delivery status for a given medication.

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