Release Notes - April 6th, 2017

Our latest release includes several new settings to help you customize CampSite to better suit your camp's needs:

  • You can now customize the 'Grades' dropdown list, via Admin -> DB Management -> Dropdown lists. Please review the notes above the 'Grades' dropdown list before making any changes, as they may affect your existing enrollment option restrictions and session group capacities.
  • You can now assign departments and titles for staff on a session basis, rather than a yearly basis. To enable this new mode, change the "Staff departments by session?" setting to 'Yes' in Admin -> Staff -> Departments. Note that changing modes will remove any department and titles that are currently configured for your camp for all years, including past years - if you'd like to copy your department + title to 'session' mode before switching in order to preserve the history, please contact our support team before switching modes.
  • You can now add instructional text to the top of individual sections on your camper and staff medical forms (e.g. 'Immunizations', 'Medications', etc.). You can manage these instructions by clicking the edit icon next to each section in Admin -> Camper -> Medical or Admin -> Staff -> Medical.
  • The staff hiring wizard is now available in our responsive design beta. To opt in to the responsive design beta, visit the My Account page and check the 'Responsive design beta' box.
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