Release Notes - March 23rd, 2017

Our latest release includes a number of new features and improvements:

  • You can now add custom medication delivery statuses to better track medication delivery during camp. 'Scheduled' and 'Missed' remain as the default choices, but further statuses can be added via the Medical Dashboard, under 'Medical management'.
  • You can now require parents to upload a photo of their camper before proceeding with enrollment. This new option can be enabled on the 'General options' tab of the Step 8: Enrollment form setup page, on the camper setup wizard.
  • A new confirmation prompt will be presented to parents who attempt to leave the enrollment form before completing checkout. This new prompt is automatically enabled for all camps, and will help in preventing partial or 'abandoned' enrollments.
  • The new 'Staff charges report' allows you to report on staff charges for a given year, with different category and amount filters available. The report is accessible via Admin -> Staff -> Staff Charges.
  • Group leaders in our Events + Conference and Retreat modules can now add credit card or checking account information via the Events Dashboard. Invoices for Conference and Retreat packages can now also be paid online. If you're interested in a demo of our new Conference and Retreat module, please contact our support team.
  • You can now subscribe to our e-mail list directly from the 'My Profile' page in CampSite. We strongly encourage all users to sign up for this list before the summer, in order to stay in the loop if any issues affect the availability of the CampSite application.
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