Release Notes - February 13th, 2017

Our latest release includes a number of new features and improvements:

  • You can now merge families and campers from the Family Profile action menu! We've designed this new merge tool to be simple and easy to use - however, please read carefully through the provided instructions in the tool before completing your first merge. If you have any questions about how this tool works, please contact our support team.
  • Several new fields have been added to Advanced Reports for campers:
    • Each payment schedule group now has its own tab under the "Financial" tab. Available fields in this new tab include "Payment schedule name", "Balance", "Auto pay?" and more.
    • The new "Upcoming session name" field includes the names of all sessions the camper is enrolled in for the year that have not yet begun. This field can be found under Enrollment -> [Year] -> General Enrollment Info.
    • Family Notes are now available in Advanced Reports for campers - they can be found under the new "Family Notes" tab.
  • You can now add custom instructions to the top of the Financial page on the Parent Dashboard. The instructions can be configured on the Admin page, under Campers -> Financial: Parent Dashboard. 
  • You can now receive a notification when a staff applicant has completed their application. You can opt in to this notification by checking the corresponding box under your profile in Admin -> DB Management -> Users. The existing notification for staff applications will remain in place, and will continue to be triggered when the application is begun. You can configure your account to receive one - or both - of these notifications, as desired.
  • The password requirements for staff applicants have been strengthened to match the same password requirements as administrative users.
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