Release Notes - December 21, 2016

Our last release of 2016 includes several updates:

  • The Family Profile is now available in the responsive design beta. (You can opt in to the beta on the My Profile page.)
  • We've updated our accrual financial reports with support for accrual periods.
    • A new report, Camper accrual summary (by accrual period) is now available. This report operates in the same way as the existing Camper accrual summary (by session) report, but returns results grouped by accrual period rather than session.
    • Accrual period has been added as a field to the Camper accrual transaction log.
  • Enrollment discounts can now easily be copied by double-clicking the new copy icon next to each discount.
  • Criteria for automatic discounts can now be added and removed after the discount has been created, making it easier to change existing discounts.
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