Release Notes - December 14th, 2022

Today's release contains two new features:

More Staff Salary fields

Attention all camps with our Staff module: We’ve made big improvements to Staff salary.

  • We created 4 new "total salary" amounts on the Salary details tab of every staff profile page: Total Salary; Total Taxable Salary; Adjusted Salary; and Adjusted Taxable Salary.
  • These amounts are auto-calculated for you using their base salary; new custom "Salary amount" fields; and their total charges.
  • Create new custom “salary amount” fields that comprise each staff member's total salary (like their bonus, referral salary, travel allowance, etc.) via Admin > Staff > Custom fields. Rearrange them in their desired order, and select whether or not they're taxable (for the total vs. total taxable salary calculations).
  • The existing custom “salary” custom fields are now referred to as “salary information” fields. While “salary amount” fields can only contain monetary amounts that are summed into a total, “salary information” fields are for salary-related information (e.g. marital status; that doesn’t apply to their “total salary.”
  • We also moved staff “Charges” into the Salary details tab so you can see salary and payroll deductions in the same place. Note that admin user permissions for staff charges vs. salary details still apply.

Click here to read a full rundown on the new and improved Staff salary details.

New Camper cell phone field

  • We added a new cell phone field to camper profiles, in the basic info section along with their other “essential” information.

  • Families who are already in your database can add their camper's cell phone number by logging into the parent dashboard, going to the Enrollment page, and then clicking the pencil icon to edit their camper’s basic information.

  • To collect camper cell phone from new families when they create their account, go to Step 1 of the Campers Setup Wizard and enable this field on your Request for Information / New Family Enrollment forms. You can also make it mandatory, if camper cell phone is a necessity to your camp.

If your camp already created their own camper ‘cell phone’ question and you want to copy that data into our new cell phone field, hold tight - we’ll add camper cell phone to Advanced Reports in the next few months, so you can mass edit this field and copy over any existing cell phone numbers you’ve already collected.
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