Release Notes - November 10th, 2022

Today’s release features the following updates and improvements:

Important Change: New Parent/Events Dashboard Password Procedure

As part of an ongoing security project, we're gradually updating CampSite so that passwords are no longer sent to a user via email; instead, users will choose their own password when creating their account.

In today's release, we applied this change to the Request for Information and New Family Enrollment forms. Now, both of these forms will ask primary parent 1 (P1) to set their own password for the Parent Dashboard instead of emailing them a random password once the form is submitted.

See above for a screenshot of the password fields. To see how your camp's Request for Information / New Family Enrollment forms look now (and/or to test the confirmation email), go to your camp's link for each form. If you need help, click here.

What does this mean?

  • Passwords will no longer be written in the confirmation emails for these forms.
  • Make sure your custom text in these confirmation emails doesn't say that a password is included in the email. To edit your confirmation emails, go to Setup Wizard Step 1 and check which saved email is selected as the "Submission confirmation e-mail" for both forms, then go to Admin > Families > Saved e-mails and click on each of those emails.
  • If your Request for Info form settings on  Setup Wizard Step 1 say "Include Parent Dashboard credentials?" = No, the Request for Info form will not include password fields for P1. Admins will need to grant the parent(s) credentials like usual.
  • For camps with our Events and/or C&R modules, group leaders and guests will also set their own passwords when creating their accounts through the Request for Info or Direct Registration forms. Passwords will no longer be emailed when these forms are submitted.
  • If a parent, group leader, or guest fills out the form with an email address that's already in your database, instead of being sent a random password automatically, they're told their account already exists and provided your log in link as well as the link to reset their password.
  • For camps with our Camp Today module, when a parent adds an extended family member to their account, the extended family member is emailed a link to use for setting their own password. They're also given the option to 'decline' the invitation to Camp Today, in which case they're removed from the family's account.
  • In the final phase of this project over the upcoming months, we'll also stop emailing passwords to users when an admin resets their password for them. Stay tuned for another announcement when this change has been implemented. 


  • The Enrollment Requests page now includes a new toggle for choosing whether the border color on each request reflects the camper's custom color or their gender.
  • We added more camper/family information to the "Enrollment form submission" email notification for admin users (when a camper submits the enrollment form if a camp is using manual processing mode).
  • For camps with our Staff module, you can now view/edit a contract when generating it for a staff person (from the action menu of their profile or via the hiring wizard). Select the saved contract from the dropdown menu like usual and the body of the contract will appear within a text editor. If needed, make changes to the contract before generating. Note that any changes you make will only apply to the present contract being generated, not the overall contract template.
  • When using the responsive layout for the admin side of CampSite (whether on a laptop, desktop, or mobile device), you can now drag and move the page instructions icon. Swipe it off the page to remove it completely. As soon as you refresh the page, the icon reappears in its original position, but can be moved again as needed.
  • Another responsive layout update: The "Basic Info" section of the responsive camper profile page now includes their custom color and the ability to edit it. To apply a new custom color, use a color picker or type in a common color name (our personal favorite is 'orange').

Bug Fixes

  • We fixed a bug that prevented admins from using the "download a preview of all invoices" function on the "generate invoices" page if any individual invoices within the batch been generated early.
  • We fixed a bug that counted a different number of 'Approved' requests on the responsive version of the Enrollment Requests page if any campers were re-enrolled for some of the same enrollment options.
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