Un-hiring a Staff Member

Use the un-hire tool to un-hire a staff person from all of their sessions for the year.

  • If you need to un-hire a staff person from some but not all sessions, use the Session Management page instead.

To un-hire a staff person, open the Action Menu on their profile and then select "Un-hire for [year]".


1. New status

Select which lead status to apply to the staff person upon unhiring them.

To manage the staff lead statuses in your database, go to Admin > Staff > Lead statuses. Click here to learn more.

2. Remove this staff member from their assigned department and title

Select whether or not to remove the staff person from their assigned department and title, too (if applicable).

If you deselect this option, the staff person will still appear on your staff departments page with their assigned department and title, but their name will be appended with their new lead status, like this:

3. Finalize the un-hiring process.

 After confirming the unhiring process, you'll be redirected to the staff person's profile, which will now reflect their new un-hired status.

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