Family Profile: Tasks Tab

Use the "Tasks" tab to create and manage tasks for other admin user(s) to complete in regards to a family.

  • Tasks are for admin users only. Families cannot see any tasks related to their account.

Add a Task

Click the + Add new task... link to open the pop-up window for providing the task details.

Assign the task to 1 or more admin users by typing at least 3 letters of their name and selecting their name from the dropdown. Remove an assignee by double clicking the delete icon.

Note that the selected due date + time for the task also determines when the task becomes 'past due'. 'Past due' tasks are indicated with red text and emailed to the user each morning.

View Tasks

For each task, view the due date + time; title; who created the task; who's been assigned the task; and the task status.

Click on the task title to read the task description (if there is one).

Edit a Task

Double click the pencil icon to edit the details for a task, as needed.

Any of the task fields can be edited after the fact (except the user the task was 'created by') - even if the task has already been marked as completed.

Mark as Completed

Once a task has been completed, click the 'Mark as completed' button under the 'Status' column to update it accordingly.

After marking a task as completed, the Status column will indicate when it was marked as completed and by which user.

  • Note: Only the assignees or the user who created the task is able to mark the task as completed.

Delete a Task

Double click the delete icon on the far right to delete a task. Only the user who created the task has the ability to delete it - admin users cannot delete a task that they did not create.

Task notifications


Users receive an email as soon as they're assigned a new task. The email includes the full task details and a link to the family's profile.

If a user has any tasks that are due today or are past-due, they'll also receive a "Daily tasks digest" email at 7:15am local time listing all of those tasks.

Welcome Page

The "Upcoming Tasks" container on the user's Welcome page will list any tasks they have that are past due, due today, or due tomorrow.

Click the task title to expand the details for it (if applicable), and click the family's name to jump to their profile.

Family Tasks Calendar

Users can also view all of their tasks (plus tasks assigned to other users) via the Family Tasks calendar, located in the Campers dropdown of the navigation menu.

To learn more, click here.

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