What do lead statuses represent and how are they assigned to staff?

Lead statuses are assigned to non-hired staff applicants on a yearly basis, to label/organize them with regard to their current status as a lead for hiring. This is primarily useful for filtering certain staff on an advanced report and also targeting mass email communication.

  • If/when the applicant is hired enrolls, their lead status is removed for that year.
  • An applicant's lead status is not visible to them; this data is visible to admin only.

Your CampSite database comes included with the statuses of Fired, Lead, Pending, and Quit, but you can also create additional custom statuses via your Staff Admin settings.

By default, CampSite will automatically apply the following lead statuses in the following scenarios, unless an admin selects otherwise:

  • Lead: As soon as a staff is created, they're labeled as a Lead, until an admin applies a different status OR the staff person is hired.
  • Pending: When you rollover to a new year, all staff who were hired last year are labeled as "pending" for the new year, until an admin applies a different status OR they’re hired again.
  • Quit: When you un-hire a staff person from all sessions for the given year, they’re automatically labeled as "quit" for that year.

All other statuses will only be applied to a staff person if an admin does so manually.

Also, with lead status being yearly data, when rolling over to a new year, all non-hired staff from last year will be assigned the same status again for the new year by default (e.g. 'quit' in 2020 will be labeled 'quit' again for 2021), unless you specify otherwise. Please click here to learn more.

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