Parent Dashboard: Viewing Camp Today Blog Posts

All of your published (and active) blog posts display in a mobile-friendly layout on your camp's Camp Today page, with each post appearing as a separate "tile."

Posts are displayed in chronological order (newest at the top)  and adapt to the screen size of whatever device is being used when viewing the blog.

In this article, learn more about:

Photo Posts

Hover/tap on a photo post to access the photo album therein.

Once in the photo album, click/tap on a photo to view it.

When viewing a photo, click/tap left and right to flip through all photos within the album. Use the buttons beneath the photo to download the image and - if logged in as a parent, staff, or extended family member - add the image to the "My Photos" collection.

"My Photos" feature

The "My Photos" feature lets parents/staff/extended family members save a collection of their favorite photos for easy access later.

Note: If you allow public access to your Camp Today blog, the "My Photos" feature is only available to parents/staff/extended family members who are logged into their account currently.

Add a Photo to "My Photos"

When viewing a photo, click the "Add to my photos" button in the bottom right. The photo will immediately be added to the user's "My Photos" collection.

Remove a Photo from "My Photos"

When viewing a photo that's been added to "My Photos", click the "Remove from my photos" button to un-save it. Afterwards, the image will no longer appear in the user's "My Photos" collection.

Access the "My Photos" Collection

Parents/staff/extended family members can access their "My Photos" collection via the bookmark link on your Camp Today landing page.

Note: If you allow the public to access your blog,

Saved photos are stored by year. Click/tap on a year to view the saved photos therein.

When viewing saved photos, click/tap left and right to flip through all "My Photos" for that year. Easily remove a photo from the My Photos collection using the button below the image.

Video Posts

Click to play a video and it'll playback directly from the blog page.

To view the image on a larger scale, click/tap the fullscreen button.

Text Posts

Text posts are displayed in full directly on your Camp Today blog (no need to click/tap access the full content).

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