When should my camp complete each step of the Rollover Wizard?

Understanding CampSite Years

Because CampSite stores camper grade levels as their rising grade for the corresponding year, we recommend that each year in your database spans programming from summer to the following spring. For example, the 2022 CampSite year should contain your 2022 Summer camp sessions, as well as any sessions that occur in Fall 2022 and Spring 2023.

Under this logic, the 2022 year in CampSite technically spans 2022-2023; while the 2023 year spans 2023-2024, so on and so forth. To help parents choose the right enrollment year when they go to enroll, update your enrollment form to display each CampSite year in "school year" format as well (go to Admin > Campers > Setup Wizard > Step 8 > General options > "Display enrollment year in "school year" format?)

When to Complete Step 1 of the Rollover

Complete Step 1 when you're ready to start setting up or accepting enrollment/hiring for the following summer. Once Step 1 is complete, the following year will be added to your CampSite database (including the enrollment form/staff application/event registration forms for the following year).

For example, if your camp plans to open summer camp registration on February 1st, but plans to spend 2 weeks setting up the enrollment form beforehand, you should complete Step 1 of the rollover no later than mid-January.

When to Complete Step 2 of the Rollover

Complete Step 2 when you no longer need to enroll/unenroll campers; hire/unhire staff; register/unregister event guests; and record attendance/medication deliveries for the "previous" year. Typically, camps complete Step 2 after the very last session built within that year has ended.

For example, if your latest session under the 2022 year ends on August 30th, 2022, you should wait until August 31st at the earliest to complete Step 2 of the Rollover.

If your latest session under the 2022 year ends May 30th, 2023, you should wait until May 31st at the earliest to complete Step 2 of the Rollover.

Having 2 Years Open

Camps are free to complete Step 1 of the rollover and wait before completing Step 2. During this time, your database will have (2) years open for enrollment/hiring/registration. This commonly occurs when camps want to start enrolling/hiring/registering for next summer but still need to enroll/hire/register for sessions during current (school) year as well. However, if your camp uses the Attendance module, note that attendance can only be logged for the 'current year' your database is set to.

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