Where do I edit the automatic email that's sent when a camper submits the enrollment form?

  1. Go to Admin
  2. Under Campers, select Saved E-mails on the left
  3. Find and click the email that's designated to send when the enrollment form is submitted*
  4. Edit the email contents as needed and click Save Changes at the bottom of the page when finished

*To verify which email is designated to send when the enrollment form is submitted:

  1. Go to Admin
  2. Select Step 8: Enrollment Form Setup of the Camper Setup Wizard
  3. Under General Options, refer to "Enrollment form processing mode" to determine if you're using manual or automatic mode
  4. Select Automatic e-mail responses on the left
  5. Select the tab that corresponds with your enrollment form processing mode (Manual or Automatic)
  6. Refer to the name of the email listed in the dropdown for "Enrollment form submission confirmation"

Note that the automated email serves as a confirmation that the enrollment form was submitted. The same (1) email message will be sent to all campers when they submit the form, regardless of what they enroll for or whether they're waitlisted or enrolled.

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