How do I schedule an email?

CampSite's email scheduling feature allows you to send a mass e-mail automatically at a date + time of your choosing, using the new 'Schedule e-mail' button on a saved Advanced Report.

To schedule an email, follow these steps:

  1. Create and save the e-mail message you wish to send via the 'Saved e-mails' tab on the 'Admin' page.
  2. Create a report that contains your intended recipients and save it.
    You cannot schedule an e-mail unless your report is saved first.
  3. After the report has been saved, scroll down and click the "Schedule e-mail" button (right above the report results).

CampSite will automatically send the saved e-mail you selected at the day/time that you specify. Please note: sending may take up to 15 minutes to complete. 

To review, edit or cancel upcoming scheduled e-mails, go to the 'Saved e-mail's tab of the admin page and use the 'Scheduled camper e-mails' link.

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