Can I let a certain camper enroll without making payment?

If your camp is using manual enrollment processing, each family's payment is processed by the admin user who manually approves each camper's request. To allow a family to enroll without making a payment, the admin approving the request should select "no payment now" in the Payment Details section of the Checkout step. To learn more, click here.

If your camp is using automatic enrollment processing, payment is processed as soon as the request is submitted. In this case, have the family complete the enrollment form but stop when they reach the final "Checkout" step. Then, an admin user can complete the enrollment and avoid processing a payment. To do that, click to manually enroll the camper via their profile page. After manually adding the enrollment option(s) the camper wants to enroll for, the remaining information will be pre-filled with what the parent entered, so the admin can skip to the final payment step and select "no payment now" before submitting. To learn more, click here.

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