How do I fix an enrollment bundle that has the wrong session(s) built into it?

If no campers have selected the bundle yet, you can click on the "Pick X of Y" link under the sessions column for the bundle and edit which sessions are selected.

If a camper has already selected the bundle, the sessions  can't be edited. However, you can deactivate the bundle and create a new one that contains the correct session(s).

Also, campers who already enrolled for the incorrect bundle will need their sessions corrected. Learn more at the end of this article.

Deactivate the Bundle

  1. Locate the bundle within the relevant enrollment option
  2. Double click the pencil icon for the bundle
  3. Change the "Active" setting to No
    Also edit the name of the bundle to say "Archived" at the end to help admins distinguish between the two bundles.

Add a New Bundle

Click +Add bundle... and provide the bundle details. Make sure to select the correct session(s) when checkmarking the "session choices." For step-by-step instructions on how to create a new bundle, click here.

With the original bundle deactivated and a new active bundle created, your enrollment form will now present the new bundle instead of the old bundle to ensure that campers are placed into the right session(s) moving forward.

Manage Sessions for Enrolled Campers

The campers who already registered for the orignal bundle will also need their sessions corrected.

To do that, navigate to each camper's profile and use the "Manage Sessions" tool to 1) remove them from the incorrect session(s) and 2) add them to the correct session(s). Click here to learn how to use the Manage Sessions tool.

  • For help identifying the which campers' sessions need to be updated, generate an advanced report where you add the session(s) that were built into the original bundle. Then, filter which campers selected the bundle you deactivated (using the "enrollment option + bundle name" filter).
  • Before managing the camper's sessions, double check the camper's enrollment request to see if they also intentionally enrolled for the session built into the deactivated bundle. If yes, do not remove them from that session; only add them into the correct session as well.
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