Parent Dashboard: Sending e-mails to campers

The Camp Today Communication module allows parents to send emails to their campers via the "E-mail my camper" page of the Parent Dashboard.

Parents can also allow "extended family members" email campers as well by adding them to their family's account (for email purposes only). To learn how parents can add extended family members, please click here.

E-mail my camper

To compose and send an email to a camper, click the "E-mail my camper" tab in the left sidebar menu.

Note that both primary and divorced parents are permitted to send emails, plus any extended family members that the parent have authorized.

Compose & Send

  1. Fill out the "to" and "from" fields. If the family has multiple campers enrolled, select one or all of them to send the email to. In the "From" field, type the name of who the email is coming from.
  2. Enter a subject line and then type the email message.
  3. Optional: Select a theme (background image) and font for the message.
  4. See a live preview of the message.
  5. Click to send the e-mail.

Once the email is sent, your camp's admin team will receive the message on the Camp Today Communication dashboard. To access the e-mails sent to your campers, generate them in batch. Learn more by clicking here.

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