Attendance Module Training

To learn how to use the Attendance module in CampSite, watch the training below.

In this training, we demonstrate:

  • Configuring your attendance checkpoints
  • Logging attendance
  • Generating reports on attendance data
  • Managing authorized pickups and overall admin settings

00:50 Attendance Dashboard 
01:20 Attendance Checkpoints 
05:01 Staff-Driven Attendance Logging 
09:49 Admin User Permissions for Staff-Driven Attendance Logging 
10:44 Parent-Driven Attendance Logging 
14:34 Paper-Driven Attendance Logging 
17:45 Attendance Report 
20:06 Attendance Conflict Report 
21:32 Camper Profile Attendance tab 
23:43 Camper Profile Attendance tab - Editing Attendance & Expected Check-in/Drop-off Time 
26:52 Primary Parent Attendance PINs 
27:38 Authorized Pickups per Family 
30:25 Attendance Features on the Parent Dashboard 
33:39 Attendance Module Admin Settings 
37:52 Customize the Authorized Pickup Form

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