How do I change a camper's enrollment?

There are two ways to change a camper's enrollment, depending on how your camp's enrollment options are configured and what sort of change the camper has requested:

Find all 3 tools in the Action Menu of the camper's profile.

When to Un-enroll / Enroll

If the camper has asked to change enrollment options or even just swap to a different bundle within the same option, the camper needs to be unenrolled and re-enrolled.

  • Use the Unenrollment Wizard to unenroll/remove the camper from the option/bundle they no longer want to attend.
  • Use the Enrollment Wizard to enroll/add the camper into the new option/bundle they want to attend.

Unsure if the camper's request involves changing options/bundles? Reference your camp's enrollment options on Step 9 of the Camper Setup Wizard and read below.

Changing Enrollment Options

For example, if a camper originally enrolled in the Camp Firewood option and then requested to switch to the Camp Firewood All-Stars enrollment option, the camper needs to be un-enrolled from Camp Firewood and enrolled into Camp Firewood All-Stars instead.

Changing Bundles Within an Option

For example, if a camper originally enrolled in the "Four Weeks" bundle for Camp Firewood, but wants to switch to the "Full Summer" bundle instead, the camper needs to be unenrolled from Camp Firewood "Four Weeks" and enrolled in Camp Firewood, "Full Summer".

Adding Another Enrollment Option

If the camper wants to remain in their current enrollment but sign up for another enrollment option, the camper needs to be enrolled into the additional option.

Remove Some Enrollment Options

If the camper wants to be removed from some enrollment options but remain enrolled in others, the camper needs to be un-enrolled from the options they no longer want to attend.

When to Manage Sessions

The Manage Sessions tool only adjusts the sessions that the camper is enrolled in - not their bundle or enrollment option. 

For that reason, this tool should not be used if the camper's enrollment bundle or option needs to be changed as well.  If Manage Sessions is used when the camper actually requested to change their bundle or enrollment option, there will be a discrepancy in their enrollment data and issues with adding enrollment extras.

Changing Sessions in a Bundle

Use the Manage Sessions tool if a camper has requested to swap sessions within the same enrollment bundle they originally enrolled for.

For example, if a camper enrolled for the "Four Weeks" bundle for Camp Firewood and just wants to change which 4 weeks they picked (e.g. instead of sessions 1-4, they now want sessions 5-8), the Manage Sessions tool should be used because the camper is not requesting to change enrollment options OR bundles; just sessions.

If Jill had asked to not attend Camp Firewood anymore, or she asked for a different bundle (e.g. attend 5 weeks instead of 4), then the camper would need to be unenrolled/enrolled instead of having their sessions managed.

The Wrong Sessions were Built into a Bundle

The Manage Sessions tool can also be used if your camp built the wrong session into an enrollment bundle so you need to correct which session(s) a camper is enrolled in.

Since the overall bundle is technically correct, the camper's sessions just need to be updated to the correct sessions that should've been built into the bundle.

Learn more about fixing incorrect bundles here.

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