Request for Information Form

The Request for Information Form is one of two forms that a family can use to create their account for the Parent Dashboard (and indicate that they'd like to learn more about your camp). For an overview of the two forms parents can complete to create an account, click here.

After the form is submitted, parents need to retrieve their account credentials and manually log into your Parent Dashboard if they want to proceed with enrollment. Depending on your camp's preference, families can receive their credentials immediately in the submission confirmation email, or your camp can issue credentials manually after making contact with the family and confirming that the family is ready to move forward with enrollment.

Accessing the Request for Info Form

Provide access your Request for Information Form via link.

The link begins with the same CampSite URL you use to access the admin portal (e.g. but ends with .com/info, as pictured above.

How do I customize the Request for Info form?

From Step 1 of the Camper Setup Wizard, add custom header text; manage the questions that appear on the form; and designate a saved email to be sent each time the form is submitted. Step 1 is also where you control whether login credentials are included with the submission confirmation email. To learn more, click here.

You can also customize the header image that displays at the top of the Request for Info form via Admin > DB Management > Responsive Theme. To learn more, click here.

What happens after parents submit the Request for Info form?

After submitting the Request for Information form, parents are presented a confirmation message and offered to return to your camp's official website. At this point, the family is waiting to be contacted by your camp before moving forward with enrollment.

In order to enroll, the family must be given their account credentials, log into your Parent Dashboard, and then access your enrollment form.

You can either issue parent dashboard credentials automatically (via email, as soon as the form is submitted), or have an admin user reset the family's password manually (e.g. when your camp establishes the family will move forward with enrolling).

To provide credentials automatically, update your Request for Information form settings via Step 1 of the Setup Wizard to "include Parent Dashboard credentials." Click here to learn more. To provide credentials manually, an admin can reset the family's password via the action menu of the family's profile page. Click here to learn more.

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