Parent Dashboard: Payment Methods

Families can view and manage their saved payment methods from the "Payment Methods" section of the Financial tab.

Note: Your camp's Financial: Parent Dashboard settings control whether or not families can view their payment schedule and download invoices from this page. To learn more about how to control these settings, click here.

To see an overview of the entire Financial tab of the Parent Dashboard, click here.

Financial Tab

To access the Financial tab, click the Financial link in the left sidebar menu.

Payment Methods

Scroll to the Payment Methods section. Here, parents can add new payment methods and also update existing methods.

If your camp processes both credit card and checking account transactions, these accounts will appear in separate sections, like shown above.

Add a New Payment Method

Click the + ADD PAYMENT METHOD... button.

Select which type of payment method to add (credit card or checking account).

Note: Your payment gateway provider determines which payment methods you can process. If you don't process a certain payment method (e.g. checking account transactions), parents won't see this option when adding a payment method.

After selecting a payment method, enter all of the payment method details.

The "billing e-mail" is used for automatic emails that are sent when a payment is approved and/or declined (if your camp has enabled these emails. To learn more, click here.)

Update an Existing Payment Method

Click the edit icon on the far left of the payment method(as pictured above). This icon is the same for both credit cards and checking accounts.

For saved credit cards, the expiration date and billing email can be updated.

For checking accounts, the billing email can be updated.

Editing Credit Card and Checking Account Numbers

To help prevent fraud, CampSite doesn’t store credit card and checking account numbers in their original format. Instead, they're coverted into algorithmic “tokens”, i.e. a string of randomly-generated numbers. These tokens can be used by CampSite and your payment gateway to successfully process payment without exposing actual bank details.

Since credit card and checking account numbers are not stored in their original format, neither parents or admins cannot edit these numbers after the payment method's been added into CampSite. If a credit card or bank account number needs to be edited, the payment method must be deleted and added again. Note that only admins can delete payment methods.

Designate a "Primary" Payment Method

The primary payment method is the method used by CampSite when automatic payments are processed for a payment schedule invoice (if the family is on a payment schedule and is set to auto pay).  

The primary payment method is indicated with a green checkmark.

To designate a different method as primary, double click the grey checkmark next to that method. Note that only one payment method (per payment method type) can be set as primary.

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