Parent Dashboard: My Account Tab

Families can manage their overall account details via the My Account tab.

To access the My Account page, click the My Account tab in the left sidebar menu.

From this page, families can manage:

Family Info

Select the "Family Info" tab at the top of the My Account page to access the primary parents' information as well as the home address for the family.

  1. Primary Parent 1 information (a.k.a. P1)
  2. Primary Parent 2 information (a.k.a. P2)
  3. Family home address*
  4. Click to save any changes made to this page.

*The ability to update the family's home address is controlled by your camp's "Parent Dashboard" admin settings. To learn more, click here.

Primary Parent Information

For both primary parents, the family may:

  1. Add or change a primary parent's profile photo
    Admin users will only see parent photos when using the responsive layout.
  2. Add/edit basic information
  3. Opt in/out of text messaging via this checkbox (for camps with Text Messaging)
  4. Confirm their Attendance PIN (for camps with Attendance)

Camper Info

Select the "Camper Info" tab at the top of the My Account page to access the campers on file within the family's account.

  1. Add a new camper to the family
  2. Click to edit an existing camper

Note: If/when you disable enrollment, parents won't be able to access the "Enrollment" page of the Parent Dashboard, which is where they typically add/edit campers. This tab allows parents to still add/edit campers when enrollment is unavailable.


Select the "Password" tab at the top of the My Account  page to manage the parent's password.

Here, the user who's logged in can change the password they use for accessing the Parent Dashboard.  Click "Update Password" in the bottom right to save changes.

First, enter the current password and then create a new password. Passwords must be at least 8 characters, and contain 1 uppercase letter, 1 lowercase letter, and 1 number.

E-Mail Preferences

Select the "E-mail Preferences" tab at the top of the My Account page to manage marketing email preferences.

Here, parents can select whether or not to receive marketing emails from your camp. The settings designated will apply to the current parent logged into the Dashboard. Click "Save Changes" when finished.

If a parent opts out of marketing emails, all "marketing"-type emails that your camp attempts to send to this parent will not be delivered to the parent. To learn more about email types, click here.

Extended Family

“Extended Family” is only relevant to the Camp Today Blogging module (for allowing extended family members to log into the family’s account to view your camp’s blog).

If your camp doesn’t have the Camp Today module, your Parent Dashboard will not include this tab.

Select the "Extended Family" tab at the top of the My Account page to manage the extended family members (a.k.a. "authorized users") for the Camp Today blog.

  1. Add a new extended family member
  2. Double click to lock out an extended family member
    When locked out, the extended family member cannot login to access your camp's blog. They can always be unlocked later to have access again.
  3. Double click to delete the extended family member
    When deleted, the extended family member cannot login to access your camp's blog. They cannot be "un"-deleted, so the family would need to add the family member again to re-grant them access.

Important notes about Extended Family Members:

  • Extended family members can only view Camp Today media upon logging into the Parent Dashboard. They cannot access any other areas of the Parent Dashboard that primary parents can access.
  • After an Extended family member is added, they'll automatically receive an invitation to Camp Today with login instructions. Your camp can customize this email invitation via your Camp Today "Authorized User" admin settings.
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