Parent Dashboard: Payment Schedule Invoices

Families can view their payment schedule dates and download generated invoices from the "Payment Schedules" section of the Financial tab.

Note: Your camp's Financial: Parent Dashboard settings control whether or not families can view their payment schedule and download invoices from this page. To learn more about how to control these settings, click here.

To see an overview of the entire Financial tab of the Parent Dashboard, click here.

Financial Tab

To access the Financial tab, click the Financial link in the left sidebar menu.

Payment Schedules

Scroll to the Payment Schedules section. Here, parents will see a list of all the payment dates for each payment schedule that they're on.

In the example above, the family is on 2 payment schedules currently - a "Monthly" schedule from the 2021 "Afterschool Fall" payment schedule group, and a "Bi-Monthly" schedule from the 2021 "Camp Firewood" payment schedule group.

For each payment schedule, parents are presented:

  1. The invoice date*
  2. The invoice status
    Scheduled = an admin hasn't generated it yet.
    Generated** = an admin has generated it. Click to download a copy.
  3. Whether the family is set up for auto pay for the invoice.
  4. The amount of the invoice (for generated invoices)
  5. The amount paid (for generated invoices)
  6. The current amount due (for generated invoices)
    The 'amount due' will take into consideration any payment already made (like for the February 1st invoice in the screenshot above).
  7. The total amount due for all generated invoices

Important notes:

  • Parents cannot change their auto pay settings or their payment schedule. They must contact your camp and have an admin make these changes on their behalf. To learn more, click here.
  • To pay an invoice, parents need to click the "Make a Payment" button at the top of the Financial tab and choose the correct payment schedule to apply the payment towards. CampSite will automatically allocate the payment towards any generated invoices on that payment schedule that have an amount due.
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