Parent Dashboard: Submitting Forms

Families can submit forms via the Forms tab of the Parent Dashboard.

Families can also access forms during the enrollment process if you've configured them to display during enrollment. Click here to learn more about the Forms step of enrollment.

Forms Tab

To access the Forms tab, click the Forms link in the left sidebar menu.

Forms Landing Page

On the Forms page, families are presented both your Family and Camper forms.

Family Forms

To complete a Family Form, families will click the form name from the Form tab landing page (as shown above).

Depending on the form type (web vs. printed), families will either be redirected to a digital form built into the parent dashboard, or be prompted to download and/or upload a file. To learn more about form types, please click here.

Camper Forms

Camper forms must be completed per camper, so the family must first select a camper to begin completing their forms.

Standard Forms

  1. The photo and name of the camper for which these forms are being completed.
  2. The custom Forms page header text your camp has created.
    This text can be edited via Admin > Campers > Parent Dashboard > "Forms page header text"
  3. Camper forms (displayed right beneath your custom header text)
  4. If you've created form categories, the category name appears as a header with the corresponding forms underneath. Forms that have not been categorized will be listed under "Other forms"

Completed forms are indicated by a green checkmark icon to the left of the form name, plus a "submitted" label beneath the form name. The form due date and date it was submitted will display on the far right.

To learn about additional forms pertaining to our add-on modules, please choose from the following links: Medical forms; Transportation forms; Authorized Pickup forms.

Form Review Status

If your camp is using the form review feature and showing form review statuses on the dashboard, all standard camper forms (not medical module forms) will display the form review status underneath the form name.

  • The standard "Approved" value will display in green and "Denied"  will display in red. Any additional custom review statuses your camp has created will display in grey.
  • Any form that has not been reviewed will say "Not reviewed." Tip: If you're not going to review all of your camp's forms, create another custom review status like "No review needed" to indicate that to parents.

Submitting Forms

The process for completing a form varies, depending on whether it's a web form or a printed form.

Completing Web Forms

Web forms are presented directly within the Parent Dashboard. To complete the forms, parents need to enter their responses into the corresponding response field for each question and then click the Submit button at the bottom of the page.

To learn more about creating web forms, click here.

Uploading Printed Forms

To complete a printed form, parents need to:

  1. Download your blank form
  2. Upload the completed form
  3. Submit the form

If you've configured a printed form with no blank form, parents will only see an upload button here but not be offered anything to download.

If you've configured a printed form as 'download only', parents will only see a download button here but won't be asked to upload a file.

To learn more about creating forms, click here.

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