Parent Dashboard: Purchasing Extras After Enrollment

If you allow campers to purchase enrollment extras after enrollment, parents may do so by resubmitting the "Questions" page of the enrollment form (via the Enrollment page of the Parent Dashboard).

Whether or not campers can purchase extras after enrollment is controlled on Step 9 of the Camper Setup Wizard via the enrollment extra settings for each enrollment bundle. To learn more, click here.

Enrollment Tab

To access the Enrollment tab, click the Enrollment link in the left sidebar menu.

Purchase Additional Options

Click the "Purchase additional options" right beneath the camper's enrollment button (as pictured above). This will bring the parent straight to the page 2 of the enrollment form.

Note: This button will only appear if the camper is already enrolled, and they're enrolled for option(s) that offer enrollment extras for purchase after enrollment.

Select Options

Next, parents are presented the "Questions" page of the enrollment form.

To purchase an enrollment extra, parents must locate the associated enrollment option, click the checkbox next to the desired enrollment extra, and then click "Save & Continue" at the bottom of the page to finalize the purchase.

Note: Parents will still see extras that cannot be purchased after enrollment. Parents will not be able to select these extras - see an example below:


Next, parents are redirected to the Checkout page of your enrollment form. To finalize their purchase, they must submit provide their payment information, sign & agree to your Terms and Conditions, and submit the page.

Note: Via your financial settings, you can control whether parents must pay in full for extras that are purchased after enrollment, or if parents can place the charge(s) on their payment schedule to pay later. Find this setting under Admin > Campers > Financial: Settings. To learn more, click here.

Paying in Full

If you require parents to pay in full for extras purchased after enrollment, parents can only select "Pay in Full" as their payment amount. They'll then be asked to select a payment method, and upon submitting this page, their payment will be processed.

Adding Charges to a Payment Schedule

If you do not require parents to pay in full for extras purchased after enrollment, parents can select to "Add these charges to my account." The costs of the extra will then be billed to the parent on their future invoice(s).

Finalizing the Purchase

To finalize the purchase, parents must sign and agree to your terms and conditions and click "Submit purchase."

Confirmation E-mail

After successfully checking out for the selected enrollment extras, parents will receive an automated confirmation email.

The email will also include a bullet pointed list of each enrollment extra that was selected, and which enrollment option it's associated with. For example, in the screenshot above, annotation #1 shows the enrollment option name and annotation #2 shows the enrollment extra name.

Please note that this email cannot be edited or disabled.

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