Parent Dashboard: Enrolling a Camper

A family can enroll their camper(s) via the Enrollment page.

Enrollment Tab

To access the Enrollment tab, click the Enrollment link in the left sidebar menu.

Enroll Button

For families with multiple campers, campers must be enrolled one at a time. To enroll a camper, locate the camper and click the Enroll button beneath their name.

Enrollment Form

CampSite will then present your camp's enrollment form, which contains multiple pages for the family to submit. In order to complete the enrollment process, parents must proceed through each page and click to submit their request at the very end.

The screenshots below demonstrate example content on each step of the form. To view exactly how your camp's enrollment form content appears, create a family account for yourself and use it to log into your Parent Dashboard and pretend to enroll a camper.  

Pre-Enrollment Questions (Optional)

If your camp asks pre-enrollment questions, the first step of the enrollment process will display those questions. To learn more about configuring pre-enrollment questions, click here.

On this step, parents must provide their responses and click "Save & Continue" to proceed with the next step of enrollment.

If you do not ask pre-enrollment questions, the first page of your enrollment form will be the "Enrollment Options" page.

Enrollment Options

On this step, parents must 1) add the enrollment option(s) they wish to enroll their camper for and then 2) click "Save & Continue" to proceed to the next step of enrollment.

  • If you passcode protect any enrollment options, an Enrollment Passcode section will appear on the left (as shown above). Parents submit the passcode in order to view your passcoded option(s).
  • If your enrollment options include multiple bundles, and/or prompt parents to choose from multiple sessions, once a parent clicks to add an option the option will expand and prompt the parents to make additional selection(s).

To edit the enrollment options that parents are presented on this page, go to Step 9 of the Camper Setup Wizard.

Enrollment Questions + "Additional options"

On this step, parents are asked to respond to your enrollment questions and offered to purchase any enrollment extras you've added to your enrollment form. Once finished, they must click "Save & Continue" to proceed to the next step of enrollment.

To edit your enrollment questions, go to Step 8 of the Camper Setup Wizard. Click here to learn more about controlling your enrollment extras.


On this step, parents are presented any forms that you choose to display during the enrollment process. Parents must click the name of a form in order to complete it. When finished, they must click "Save & Continue" to proceed to the final step of enrollment.

To learn more about completing forms from the Parent Dashboard, click here.

To learn more setting up the various forms that could be presented during enrollment, choose from the following links: Family and Camper forms; Transportation forms; Medical forms; and Authorized Pickup forms.


On the final checkout page, parents are first presented their enrollment balance and asked for their payment details. If applicable, parents can enter a coupon code on this step by clicking the "ADD COUPON CODE" box and typing the code. Any automated enrollment discounts that the camper is eligible for will appear automatically below the camper's subtotal.

To edit your camp prices, go to Step 5 of the Camper Setup Wizard. Your deposit is configured on either Step 8 (if yearly) or Step 9 (if per enrollment option).  To configure which payment methods can be selected, go to your Financial: Payment Method settings.

Next, parents must sign that they agree to your terms and conditions and submit their enrollment request. Note that the enrollment form cannot be submitted without agreeing to your terms and signing the form. To edit your terms & conditions, go to Step 8 of the Camper Setup Wizard.

Once parents click "SUBMIT ENROLLMENT REQUEST," a request will be created for the camper.

  • If your camp is using manual enrollment processing mode, the camper's request must be approved by an admin user in order for the camper to be enrolled. The family's payment would be debited at the time the camper is approved (not when the form is submitted).
  • Under automatic enrollment processing mode, CampSite will automatically enroll the camper as soon as the request is submitted (with regard to any capacities) and process their payment immediately.

Submission Confirmation

When the enrollment form is successfully submitted, parents will see a confirmation message page customized by your camp, along with a button to return to the enrollments page (e.g. to enroll additional campers).

To customize this message, go to Step 8 of the Camper Setup Wizard.

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