Parent Dashboard: Editing a Camper's Basic Information

Parents can edit their camper's basic information via the Enrollment page of the Parent Dashboard and/or via the My Account page.

Enrollment Page

To access the Enrollment page, click Enrollment in the left sidebar menu.

Edit Button

Next, click the edit button to the right of the camper's name.

Here, parents can edit the current fields of basic information on file for the camper. When finished, they'll click the "Update" button to save their changes.

Please note: Parents cannot edit gender, date of birth, or grade because camps commonly restrict enrollment by this data. As such, any changes to this data must be confirmed and applied by an admin by your camp (via the camper's profile page).

My Account Page

Parents may also edit their camper's information via the My Account page. This is useful when your camp has the enrollment form disabled which denies parents access to the Enrollment page where campers are typically managed.

To edit camper details via the My Account page, click My account in the left sidebar menu and then select the Camper info tab.

Parents will be directed to the same camper information page shown earlier in this article.

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