Database Rollover Wizard: Overview

The Rollover Wizard allows you to control which year(s) you have available for enrolling campers and hiring staff.

Whenever you need to open a new year in your database and/or close the previous year, you'll use the Rollover Wizard.

Completing Step 1 will open the next year enrollment/hiring.

  • During Step 1, CampSite will offer to copy common items/settings from last year to next year. These items may still be edited or deleted after they're copied over. You may also add new items as needed, after the rollover, via the respective page for each item.
  • After completing Step 1, you will be able to begin enrolling campers and hiring staff for the next year.
  • Any new requests for information and staff applications received from this point forward will be considered as new submissions for the next year.
  • Enrollment will be available for both years until Step 2 of the Rollover Wizard is completed.

Click here to read our detailed article on how to complete Step 1.

Completing Step 2 will close last year for enrollment/hiring.

  • Once this step is completed, you may no longer enroll/unenroll campers or hire/unhire staff for the previous year.
  • Completing this step will designate the new year as your 'current' database year.
  • Step 2 does not impact financials. Transactions can still be created/edited towards years that have been closed.
  • You should not complete this step until all sessions under the present year have concluded.

Click here to read our detailed article on how to complete Step 2.

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