Unenrolling a Camper

Use the Unenrollment wizard to remove a camper from some or all enrollment options/bundles.

  • There's more than one tool for altering a camper's enrollment, depending on how your camp's enrollment options are configured and what sort of change the camper has requested. Learn more here.

To access the Unenrollment Wizard, navigate to the camper's profile page, open the Action Menu, and click the "Unenroll" link for the appropriate year.

Unenroll Wizard

  1. Select which of the camper's enrollment options to remove the camper from.
  2. If the camper previously had their sessions changed via the "Manage Sessions" tool, you can select to remove the camper from "Other sessions" that are not associated with their original enrollment requests.
  3. Select whether or not remove the family from the payment schedule(s) associated with the options the camper's being unenrolled from.
    • If the camper has an enrolled sibling who's also associated with one of these schedules, the schedule cannot be removed.
  4. If desired, add a cancellation fee to the family's balance.

If you're only unenrolling the camper from some (but not all) options/sessions, you must manually reverse  the relevant charges via the family's profile page after submitting the unenrollment. To learn how, click here.

Completely Unenrolling a Camper

When a camper is being unenrolled from all of their enrollment options for the year, the following questions will appear at the bottom of the page.

New Status

Select which status to apply to the camper once they're unenrolled. By default, "Cancelled" will be applied, unless you choose a different status. Remember, you can report on campers by their lead status.

If needed, you can create new statuses by going to Admin>Campers>Lead Statuses.

Decrease 'Years at camp' by 1

Select whether to decrease the camper's "Years at camp" tally by 1.

Every camper has a "years at camp" tally based on the number of years they've enrolled for camp. Here, you can select to decrease their "years at camp" tally by 1 so that it reflects that the camper did not attend camp this year.

Reverse all of this camper's charges for the year

Select whether to reverse all of this campers charges for the year.

  • Reversing the camper's charges will remove all of the fees that the family had incurred for the camper's enrollment(s) this year in order to reflect that they're no longer responsible for paying those fees.
  • Reversing charges does NOT refund any payments. If the family should receive a refund, you must issue a refund manually via the family's profile page. To learn how to issue a refund, please see our support article or tutorial video.

Also, enrollment extras must be manually removed from the camper's profile page (via the Enrollment Extras tab).


To complete the unenrollment process, click the Unenroll camper button at the bottom of the page.

You'll then be redirected to the camper's profile, which will now reflect their new enrollment status.

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