Adding Cycles to a Segment

Cycles refer to the time frame for one particular Activity Schedule. You'll then create an Activity Schedule for the duration of the Cycle (on a daily basis).

If needed, you can create multiple Cycles within a Segment (if you plan to have different Activity Schedules within the Segment).

To add a Cycle to a Segment, click " +Add cycle... "

  1. Provide a name for the Cycle
  2. Specify the start date of the Cycle
  3. Specify the end date of the Cycle
  4. Click Submit to add the Cycle to the Segment

All Cycles will be listed in chronological order by start date.

Edit the name of a Cycle by double clicking the current name. The start and end dates cannot be edited afterwards; instead, delete the Cycle and re-create it. Double click the delete button on the far right to delete the Cycle (but note that Cycles can only be deleted if nothing is set up within it yet).

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