Group and Guest Advanced Reports

Select either guest or group.  For this example we'll choose "Advanced Reports: Guests".  (Both are very similar)

  1. If you have any saved reports, you can select them from the dropdown. In this example, we will create a new report.
  2. You can choose to include all guests or select individual Events.  (be sure that you select the year that you want.)

We'll create a report with the event Family Picnic, and the fields of Last name, First name, Group name, and Guest ID.


  1. Click on "Event" and choose Family picnic.
  2. Next click "Add fields..."

Under Guest info choose Group name and Guest ID.  (First name and Last name will be choose by default)

Close the window to return to the report.

Additional columns have been added to the report.

  1. Click and drag a field to re-order the columns on the report.
  2. Double-click the red minus sign to remove a field.
  3. Click a column header to sort data alphabetically or numerically.


Any reportable field can also be added as a filter, which can be used to narrow down the results of your report.

We will add a filter to our report so it only includes female Guests.

Click "+Add a filter..."

  1. First select "Gender" under Guest info.
  2. Once under the filter for gender select Gender "is", "is not", "is blank" , "is not blank"
  3. Choose from male, female, both or other gender categories if your camp has set it that way.
  4. Click "Add filter".
  1. Displays the results for male guests.
  2. Print
  3. E-mail the male guests.
  4. Export to a spreadsheet.
  5. Share saved report with other administrators.
  6. Generate documents.
  7. Generate labels.
  8. Download profile photos for all individuals on the report.
  9. Edit registrant data on the report.
  1. Click "Save as" to save the report and re-use it in the future.
  2. Advanced Reports Management.
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