Responsive Parent Dashboard

We've released a new mobile-friendly layout for the Parent Dashboard that parents can easily navigate from their cellphones and tablets.

Under the new layout, admins can also manually edit their Dashboard theme without having to submit a support request. For more details on how to edit the theme, click here

  • Note: Admin users must have "DB Management" Admin permissions to have access to editing your camp's responsive theme.

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Enabling the Responsive Parent Dashboard

Navigate to your database Admin settings and select "Parent Dashboard" within the Campers tab.

1. Scroll down to "Enable responsive Parent Dashboard?" and select "Yes"
2. Save changes

Updating the Theme

To manage your theme, access the new "Responsive Theme" tab under the DB Management section of your database Admin settings.

  • If you just enabled the responsive Parent Dashboard, refresh your browser page in order for the Responsive Theme tab to display.

Your theme includes a background image/color, a primary color (used on the navigation bar within the dashboard, and certain form buttons), and also the header image at the top of your New Family Enrollment and Request for Information forms.

For more specific details and instructions on updating your camp's Responsive Theme settings, please click here.

  • Note that your existing dashboard theme does not transfer automatically to the new responsive dashboard. You can either customize your new theme manually or submit a request to Support to transfer your old theme for you.  

Using the Responsive Parent Dashboard

To fully experience your new Parent Dashboard, we suggest creating a family account and logging into your Parent Dashboard as a regular parent would.

To learn more, please read our Parent Dashboard articles.

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