Responsive Parent Dashboard

We've released an updated design for CampSite's Parent Dashboard that includes a “responsive” layout, which makes it mobile-friendly for parents to use from their cellphones and tablets.

Also, with the new Parent Dashboard, admins can manually edit their Parent Dashboard theme without having to submit a support request. For more details on how to edit your theme, click here. Note: Admin users must have "DB Management" Admin permissions to have access to editing your camp's responsive theme.

An example of the Enrollment page of the new responsive Parent Dashboard.

An example of the "Enrollment Options" page of the Enrollment Form on of the new responsive Parent Dashboard.

Enabling the Responsive Parent Dashboard

To enable the responsive Parent Dashboard for your database, navigate to the Admin > Campers tab and select the "Parent Dashboard" side tab.

  1. Scroll down to "Enable responsive Parent Dashboard?" and select "Yes"
  2. Save changes

Please note: By default, your Parent Dashboard will not have a theme (i.e. background image, header image, or "primary color" selected). To set up your theme, go to Admin > DB Management > Responsive theme. For more details, click here.

Using the Responsive Parent Dashboard

To fully experience your new Parent Dashboard, we suggest creating a family account and logging into your Parent Dashboard as a regular parent would.

Here's the Parent Dashboard at a glance:

  1. Your camp's logo and camp name will display here.
  2. The photo/name of the parent currently logged in will display here. Parents can add a photo via the "My account" page.
  3. Home button: Navigate back to this home screen.
  4. Log out: Log out of the Parent Dashboard.
  5. Enrollment: Navigate to the Enrollment page to begin the enrollment process for each camper.
  6. Forms: Navigate to the Forms page to view/submit the additional forms due for each camper.
  7. Authorized Pickups: Add/manage authorized pickup persons on file (this feature is only available through the Attendance Module).
  8. Camp Today: View the Camp Today page to access the camp blog (this feature is only available through the Camp Today Module).
  9. Phone calls: Schedule a phone call with a camper (this feature is only available through the Phone Call Scheduling Module).
  10. E-mail my camper: Send an e-mail to a camper in this family (this feature is only available through the Camp Today Module).
  11. Financial: View the financial information for this family.
  12. My account: Edit the family's account information.
  13. Parent Dashboard homepage message. Customize this message from the Parent Dashboard admin settings page.
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