Merging Duplicate Family Accounts

Occasionally, families will create duplicate accounts for the Parent Dashboard, resulting in two versions of the family within your database.

CampSite's "Merge Tool" allows you to merge duplicate accounts together by copying the data from one account (called the “source” account) into the other account (called the “destination” account). Once the destination account contains the data from both accounts, the source account is then deleted. 

If you just need to merge duplicate accounts within the same (1) family, please click here.

Note: We cannot "undo" a merge, so please proceed with caution!

Choosing the Source vs. Destination Account

The family profile you're on when opening the Merge Tool is the "source" account. Designating the source vs. the destination is significant when it comes to "conflicting data" - i.e. when both accounts have a different value for a field that can only have one (e.g. a parent can't have more than one first or last name, primary e­-mail address, home address, cell phone number, etc). 

When it comes to conflicting data, the Merge Tool will keep the "destination" data & delete the "source" data, so you should designate the "destination" account as the account you'd like CampSite to defer to when data conflicts.

For example, the Smith family has 2 accounts. On account #1, P1's email is On account #2, P1's email is If you want to retain P1's email as, account #2 should be the source account and account #1 should be the destination.

Step 1: Identify the ID Number for the Destination Account

Once you determine which account will serve as the source and which as the destination, navigate to the destination family profile page and make note of their family ID number (located at the end of the URL, as shown above). 

You'll need to enter this number into the Merge Tool later, so make sure you remember it correctly.

Step 2: Go to the Source Account and Open the Merge Tool

Next, navigate to the family's other account (i.e. the source account), open the Action Menu, and click "Merge into another family..."

Step 3: Complete the Merge

There are 3 parts to completing the merge process.

Enter the Destination Family ID

  1. Enter the family ID number for the destination account that you noted earlier.
  2. Click to “continue to next step."

Review the Merge Settings

Next, review the merge settings.

  1. Verify that the 2 correct accounts are listed. If not, go back and step and adjust the ID number. 
  2. Review the instructions for how to handle duplicate campers.
  3. View each camper in the source family. Click the dropdown menu on the right to choose which camper in the destination family you want to merge them into. Or, select "do nothing with this camper," and the camper will be copied over to the destination account as is.

Complete the Merge

  1. Carefully read the implications of completing this merge.
  2. Check mark that you've read and understand the implications.
  3. Click "Complete merge" to finalize the merge process.

We cannot "undo" a merge, so please proceed with caution!

Once the merge is complete,  you'll be redirected to the destination family profile.

Note that the parents will need to make sure they use the email/password for the destination account to access the Parent Dashboard.

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