Merging Duplicate Family Accounts

CampSite's "Merge Tool" allows you to easily merge together duplicate family accounts from the Family Profile page. 

If you have duplicate camper accounts within the same family, please click here.

Important information regarding the merge process:

During the merge, the Merge Tool copies data from one family account (called the “source” account) over to the other family account (called the “destination” account) and then deletes the source account.

If both family accounts have data on file for a field that cannot contain multiple entries (e.g. parent e­-mail address, home address, cell phone number, camper form submissions, etc.), CampSite will not copy over the source family's data; only the destination family's data for that field will remain when the merge is complete.

For items that can contain multiple entries (e.g. notes, financial transactions, history entries), all items from both families will be retained.

The same process is completed for each camper merge. In the case of enrollment requests, if both campers have submitted a request for the same enrollment option for the same year, the destination camper's enrollment request will be kept and the source camper's will be discarded.

Completing the Merge

After you choose which family to be the "source" and which the "destination," navigate to the destination family profile and take note of their family ID number (located at the end of the profile URL). You'll need to type this number into the Merge Tool later.


Next, navigate to the source family's profile page and select the Merge Tool from the Action Menu.


Enter the destination family’s ID number and click “Continue to next step.”


Next, verify that you entered the correct family ID number by reviewing the 2 families to be merged together. Then, select whether or not to also merge duplicate camper accounts across both families.

  • If both family accounts contain an account for the same camper, merge these 2 accounts together by selecting the duplicate camper in the corresponding dropdown on the right.
  • If the source camper on the left is not a duplicate and should not be merged, leave "Don't merge - just move this camper into the destination family" selected in corresponding dropdown on the right.


Finally, carefully read the implications of completing this merge; check mark that you've read and understand the implications of completing this merge; and click "Complete merge"


If you've merged together duplicate campers, please review the family's "Financial" tab after the merge is complete, to reverse any duplicate charges/refund any duplicate payments as needed.

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