Release Notes - September 11th, 2018

Today's release includes the following new features and improvements:

  • Our 'Copy bunking board' tool now allows you to select multiple destination sessions! This means you can configure one bunking board per year and then copy that configuration to the rest of that year's sessions with a few clicks. This tool can be accessed by clicking the 'Copy' icon next to the session dropdown at the top of the bunking board.
  • We've added the following new fields to Campers Advanced Reports, under the 'Enrollment' tab:
    • 'Unenrollment date' - This is the date that the unenrollment wizard was submitted for the camper. Note that as the wizard can be submitted more than once per year, this is a multiple value field.
    • 'Enrollment option + tuition plan name'
    • 'Enrollment option + tuition plan + rate name'
  • You can now use advanced formatting (HTML) on form fields! This allows for text formatting, links, image embedding and more. This HTML formatting functionality will automatically appear when creating or editing form fields that are of the 'Paragraph' type.
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