Release Notes - March 9th, 2018

Today's release includes several new features and improvements!

  • Our new data import tool makes it easy to load family and camper data into CampSite, without having to submit a support ticket! Simply go to Admin -> DB Management -> Data import and select your import type. A simple step-by-step guide provides you with a template for your upload and makes it easy to spot and correct and mistakes while importing.
  • Wondering what Advanced Reports are tied to restrictions? The Advanced Reports Management page now provides a simple list of restrictions associated with each report.
  • We've updated the 'Documents' generation tool in Advanced Reports to split up the generated .pdf into smaller files, making it easier to download and manage large document batches.
  • A new Advanced Report field, 'Enrollment option + bundle name + status', has been added, making it easier to build lists of camper enrollment requests by status, including 'New' or 'Waitlisted'.
  • We've added a warning to the first step of the invoicing process (the 'Generate invoices' step) that will identify any families who may have already paid their balance for the year, but still have an amount due for the payment schedule they are being invoiced for. Look for this new warning and more details on what it does in the 'Checklist' section at the top of the 'Generate invoices' step.
  • The Conference and Retreat Package Wizard has been updated to allow editing of existing facilities, equipment and meals - saving time when making changes to existing packages.
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