Release Notes - February 14th, 2018

Today's release includes many improvements across several CampSite modules!

  • The 'Saved reports' dropdown in Advanced Reports has been upgraded with autocomplete - just start typing in the name of the report you're looking for to load it, rather than searching through the whole list!
  • You can now select the 'Check' payment method as a criteria for automatic enrollment discounts.
  • You can now indicate with payment schedule the cancellation fee should go to when unenrolling a camper via the Unenrollment Wizard.
  • We've added "E-mail address" as a field to 'Employers' on the Staff Application, making it easier to contact an applicant's previous employers as a reference.
  • You can now present yearly staff forms on the Staff Application, and even make them required to complete the application process! This can be enabled from the edit dialog for any yearly form on the admin-side Staff Forms dashboard. (Note: Yearly forms will be shown for the "staff recruiting year". If you've submitted Step 1, butnotStep 2 of the Rollover Wizard, this is the latter of the two "open" years).
  • The terms and conditions agreed to by staff applicants will be preserved on the printer-friendly version of the staff application. This ensures a record of what the applicant agreed to at the time of application, even if your terms and conditions change.
  • "Upcoming session name" has been added as a field (under "Yearly Info + Bunking") in Staff Advanced Reports.
  • We've added support for bus counselors to the 'Central Location' bus type, making bus counselors now supported for all bus types.
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