Release Notes - December 11, 2015


The old Reminders system has been changed to Tasks, which can be created on the new Tasks tab of the Family or Staff profile page. Tasks make it easy to manage your team's "to-do list" by having a specific date and time, and the ability to be assigned to multiple administrators.

Assignees can see their past due and upcoming tasks, and mark them as complete, in multiple locations:

  • On the "Welcome to CampSite" page upon login
  • On the Tasks calendar, accessed through the Campers and Staff menus on the navigation bar
  • On the Family or Staff profile page

A task may be marked as completed by any of its assignees, or the administrator that created the task. Only the task's creator may delete it from CampSite.

Additional functionality will be rolling out over the coming months - please check out the CampSite blog for more information!

Product Enhancements

Miscellaneous product updates, including:

  • A new setting is available in Admin > Campers > Miscellaneous to allow your camp's search bar to take admins directly to the camper profile, rather than the family profile.
  • A new admin permission is available for Campers, Staff, Alumni and Events to allow users to delete profiles. Any administrator that had Edit permissions prior to this update have the Delete permission, which can be removed by going into a user's permissions in Admin > DB Management.
  • Enrollment Extra names have been increased to 50 characters.
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