Release Notes - November 17, 2015

Product Enhancements

Miscellaneous product updates, including:

  • Staff Medical Fields are available for reporting in Advanced Reports
  • A new option has been added into the Camper Medical section of the Parent Dashboard to allow parents to download PDF copies of the Health History Form after submission to bring to the camper’s doctor in conjunction with the Camper Health Care Form
  • Camper and Staff Forms have an additional setting to determine if the form is included with ‘form submission notifications’ for admins
  • A filter for submission date is now available when printing camper and staff forms
  • Inactive forms are now shown on the camper and staff profiles
  • An admin notification is now available for upcoming payment schedule installments
  • Statements from any year may now be attached when sending family e-mails
  • When sending invoices by e-mail as part of a payment schedule, you may now choose a saved family e-mail
  • Saved e-mails can be ‘archived’ by double-clicking the pencil next to the e-mail in the admin menu. Archiving e-mails will allow you to continue to view delivery stats but the archived e-mails will not show up on saved e-mail lists. E-mails can be deleted once archived.
  • The New Family Enrollment Form settings for camper information are now applied when adding a new camper through the Parent Dashboard
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