Release Notes - September 27, 2015

Custom Medical Questions

A new section for Custom Medical Questions is available on both the Camper and Staff Health History forms. Custom Medical Questions can be created in the Medical Management section of the Medical Dashboard.

  • Custom medical questions are created separately for campers and staff, and can use any of the standard question types available within CampSite.
  • When adding questions, you may choose if the question should be mandatory, as well as whether or not administrators should be able to flag the response as critical on the profile page.
  • Custom Medical Questions will appear on the camper or staff profile under the Medical > Custom Questions tab. Double-clicking the grey flag next to a question response will mark that item as critical and it will appear when creating a Health Center Visit Log for the camper or staff member.

Product Enhancements

Miscellaneous product updates, including:

  • All Forbidden Over-the-Counter Medications now appear on the Health Center Visit Log, regardless of their critical setting. Critical Forbidden OTC Medications will be indicated with red text.
  • For camps using Accrual Accounting, a new admin notification is available to alert a user of unassigned transactions on a weekly basis. This notification can be set in Admin > DB Management > User Management by double-clicking the pencil next to a user’s name, and updating the Financial Notifications section.
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